Waec 2018 Lit questions and answers

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Performed the absolute role of a detective; by mixing the role of NGO's human empowerment with the role of solving mysterious crime questions. MUTE's function as a detective goes in form of carrying out research, making investigation and interrogation.
Through the helpful action of MUTE, the private crimes in Sodom-and-Gomorrah neighborhood was brought to the public via Sylv Po of Harvest FM. MUTE was also responsible for the rehabilitation and empowerment of Fofo; the novel's protagonist. With the actions of MUTE, readers discovered the inabilities of the law enforcement agency (precisely the police). MUTE assisted in getting to the root of Baby T. death.
1)The Rat.

In the opening scene of the novel, Bigger has to deal with a disgusting rat in his family’s one-room apartment:

“There he is!” the mother screamed again.

A huge black rat squealed and leaped at Bigger’s trouser-leg and snagged it in his teeth, hanging on.

“Goddamn!” Bigger whispered fiercely, whirling and kicking out his leg with all the strength of his body. The force of his movement shook the rat loose and it sailed through the air and struck a wall. Instantly, it rolled over and leaped again. Bigger dodged and the rat landed against a table leg. With clenched teeth, Bigger held the skillet; he was afraid to hurl it, fearing that he might miss. The rat squeaked and turned and ran in a narrow circle, looking for a place to hid; it leaped again past Bigger and scurried on dry rasping feet to one side of the box and then to the other, searching for the hole. Then it turned and reared upon its hind legs. His response is to throw a shoe at the rat and kill it:

Snow starts falling after Bigger kills Mary and burns her body in the furnace. It continues to fall until he’s captured. This could been seen as a symbol of white society enveloping and overwhelming Bigger’s world.

Throughout the novel, Bigger thinks of whites not as individuals, but as a looming white mountain or a great natural force pressing down upon him. The blizzard is raging as Bigger jumps from his window to escape after Mary’s bones are found in the furnace. When he falls to the ground, the snow fills his mouth, ears, and eyes—all his senses are overwhelmed with a literal whiteness, representing the metaphorical “whiteness” he feels has been controlling him his whole life. Bigger tries to flee, but the snow has sealed off all avenues of escape, allowing the white police to surround and capture him.

Mary’s Severed Head

After Bigger kills Mary, the image of her severed head with blood soaking her hair keeps returning to haunt him. As he opens the furnace to see if her body has burned, it appears to him as if the coals are shaped like her body.

The recurring image of Mary’s body and of her severed head reminds him of his guilt, but they also remind him of the fear and shame that led him to kill her accidentally in the first place.

( 3 )
Alani . Beginning this tale at merely eight years old, her style has matured over the years while her message remained strong . " A Place Where We All Belong " offers a rare glimpse into the workings of a child ' s idealistic mind .
the areas of conservation of natural resources , fairness, the value of diversity of thought and ability through her fable. Lions , leopards, and other wild cats are used to illustrate the importance of friendship , recognizing injustice , and the need for unity when attempting to change the status quo. As the story progresses, a more subtle lesson emerges that shows that the differences separating you from your enemies are less significant than you may initially believe.

( 8 )
Hippolita — the wife of Manfred and the mother of Conrad and Matilda . After having lost her son , she is left with just Matilda to combat the tyrannical turn of mind that her husband displays. Manfred intends to divorce her due to her sterility and on the grounds that their marriage is in fact false because they are actually related. Faced with the threat of divorce , Hippolita is mournful yet submissive to the wills of her husband . She acts as a sort of enabler to her husband , putting aside her morals and happiness so that her husband can get what he wants.
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